“Mystery Creates Attraction”

Why am I anonymous? I get that a lot…there are a couple of reasons why I choose to be and why I intended it to be this way. Have you ever gotten to the point in your breakup, friend-zoned, or divorce wherein you are just hoping to meet someone new who you can share your thoughts and feelings with and get advises from? Have you ever prayed so hard for someone to just come into your life and help you get back with your significant other? Have you ever hoped to just logged on to your computer and talk to someone other than from your circle of friends or a famous relationship coach? I intend to be that someone.

You can think of me as just some other guy whose sole purpose is to help you get that special someone back. If and when you do get them back and they ask you about how you changed and who made that possible you can just say “I was just talking to some guy over the Internet which helped me realize things!” In that aspect, you are still being mysterious and for those of you who do not know Mystery creates attraction. If $5 can change the outcome of your breakup, being friend-zoned, or divorce would you take that chance?